Special Services 

Eyebrow Tinting       $20   
Eyelash Tinting        $35
Custom-blended colors!
More oomph in your arches and lashes.  Tint lasts three to four weeks.  
While wait for tint to be set, you will recieve complementary Head & Scalp Massage.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint Combo          $50 

COMBINATION TREAT!      Get the Combination Treat and save!
*Both service must be done for the same client at the same time.
With a hint of tint you can flaunt natural, full-looking brows & lashes for an always polished and put-together look! 
Benefit aestheticians can give you a flattering tint to transform your brows & lashes from fair and sparse to full and fabulous in minutes!

Eyelash Lifting             $50
Lifting your natural eyelashes for longer and healtheir looking lashes. Easy way to have beautiful curled lashes without the usage of lash curler or mascara. Works with any length and is a great alternative to extentions. 

Eyelash Extensions: Natural Set         $170 
Eyelash Extensions: Fuller Set            $200
Get fuller, longer looking lashes with eyelash extensions! It gives an allusion of eyeliner and mascara which makes you look more awake without the use of makeup! These amazing lashes will last you 3-4 weeks before touch-up. 

**Extension Fill-in**
Two weeks         $65
Three weeks      $85

Ear Candling            $50
This ancient therapy has been used for centuries to heal and purify oneself through the ear canal. In today’s busy work world, never before has such an ancient technique been more useful. Clear out these essential passages and help release earwax, buildup and debris from the ear canal. Designed to stimulate the peripheral lymph system, ear candling uses fire and the natural vacuum the cone creates to clear out toxins and promote wellness. The heat spreads over the acupressure points in and around the ear, which naturally extend throughout the body. The radiation emitted from the flame is also traditionally believed to stimulate chi energy throughout the body and promote alignment and balance within the body.  Complementary Head & Scalp Massage included.

*Service price may change without prior notice*  
*Service time may varies with each condition*
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